Foundation of Goodness

Red Dot is close friends with the Foundation of Goodness Community near Galle. The charity was set up by Kushil Gunasekera in the aftermath of the tsunami, and is championed by Muttiah Muralitharan and supported by cricketers the world over. The village has a cricket pitch at its centre and we encourage touring teams to have a match here. It is a unique way in which your club, university or school can give something back to the island and its people.

We are not interested in taking coach loads of people to stand and stare at the lives of others from a comfortable distance. Red Dot encourages an interactive and constructive relationship with the community in which cricket breaks all boundaries.  A sporting academy is being built and cricket is now being played on their new pitch. Due to the expense of pads and leather balls, it is cricket ‘soft-ball’ that has evolved as the game of choice throughout this area. Many of the current national team learnt this form of the game and it accounts for many of their unique techniques. It is an extremely entertaining form of the game and taken very seriously. Official umpires will adjudicate and crowds will gather, as you are given a thorough lesson in cricket ‘Sri Lankan Style’.

Away from the coast, Red Dot has also supported a Kandyan orphanage. A game of tennis ball cricket here is most rewarding and brings utter joy for the orphans involved. If there is another specific charity project your team wish to visit, Red Dot would be delighted to arrange this in your itinerary.

How you can help

As the Foundation of Goodness goes from strength to strength, the need for financial support as well as those willing to donate their time and knowledge is great. There are more than 30 programmes to get involved in, described at length on their website:

A minimum volunteer period of one week is recommended in order to understand the cultural values and lifestyles, and get actively involved in a programme of your choice. Within Seenigama, the main locations of the programmes are the MCC Centre of Excellence, Aviva Community Centre, Udumulla Village Heartbeat Centre and the Seenigama Sports Academy, all situated within walking distance. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the civil war, focus is spreading towards new projects in the north of the island to help rehabilitate a war-torn society. Please see the FoG website for further details.

Community Project Examples

PADI Diving Centre  
Tourists wishing to go on diving and boat trips to complete PADI diving courses brings useful income to the island. Instructors, business developers and marketing specialists are needed to develop the ‘Dive Seenigama Lanka’ business arm. Even contract writers to aid bidding for diving contracts are in demand.

Seenigama Sports Academy
Seenigama Sports Academy welcomes sports trainers, coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, life-skills experts with some experience in sports management and administration, staff development, HR and management training lifesaving and lifeguarding skills, and first aid tuition. Sports programmes include cricket (including women’s cricket), swimming (including sea swimming), netball, volleyball, badminton, athletics, triathlon, beach football, beach volleyball, and triathlon.

Local Environmental Management
Community education specialists are in demand to help with fund-raising and considering projects promoting solar power and alternative technology and horticulture. Those wishing to carry out clean-ups, maintenance campaigns, tree-planting are also very welcome.